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America's Community Lobbying Platform

We want to prove that well designed technology can strengthen, not weaken democracies.

The Glass Capitol is a revolutionary way for advocates to harness the social power of the internet. For too long, citizens have felt a real disconnect from their elected officials. In the modern era of technology and hyper-communication this is unacceptable. As members of a democratic society we have a voice. The Glass Capitol’s universal district finder and click-to-call function allows groups of advocates or individuals to collectively leverage our voices toward real action. As America’s community lobbying platform we are invested in ensuring your elected official knows exactly what you want. As an advocate or concerned citizen it is your right to tell them. If that seems interesting to you, you have visited the right website. Let’s make a difference together or remain silent. It’s up to you.

Calling is the best way to get your representative's attention

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If you're not in Louisville and want TGC for your locality, email us at contact@glasscapitol.org
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Tips for calling

  • Introduce yourself with your full name, include your zip code, address, and whether or not you are a constituent.
  • Be sure to tell the staffer if you would be interested in a formal response
  • If you bring up any legislative work, state the resolution number and the name of the Bill: E.X.: H.R. 620: The Educations and Reform Act of 2017.
  • State why you want the legislator to support or dismiss the bill.
  • Be courteous, speak slowly and clearly. Your message will be better received if it is understood.

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